Our Legacy

As kids, we saw in awe stalwarts like Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Pu La Deshpande spend time at our shop in Pune. Naturally, there is an immense pride in being associated with Maharashtrian culture. The seed of wanting to preserve the culture was sown at a very young age.

Patankar खाऊवाले

The journey of Patankar Khauwale dates back to the late 1940s when the late Mr. Vasant Patankar founded a store, on the bustling street of Bajirao Road, in the heart of the Pune city.

The shop was then called “Patankar Mandali.” With a relentless focus on quality & hygiene, the enterprise grew in popularity as the years rolled by. A wonderful marketer, Mr. Patankar Sr was lovingly given the name of ‘Khauwale’ by the people & today, ‘Khauwale Patankar’ is a household name with its myriad spread of snacks & confectionery enjoyed by one and all. जिव्हाळा… जिभेला जिंकणारा!

Pune’s cultural & theatre scene was flourishing during the 50’s and 60’s. Patankar Sr., being a keen patron of all forms of art – literature, poetry, music etc, used to help out the then up & coming artists by allowing the ticketing of their concerts/shows/exhibitions free of cost (without commission) in the store. Subsequently, the store started reserving seats for prestigious shows around Pune, including, but not limited to, Sawai Gandharva, Vasantotsav etc. He being one of the most socially active in the city circle – soon enough the store started hosting all the legendary artists in the evenings for a “katta” session. Stalwarts like Mr. Deshpande, Mr. Abhisheki, Bhimsen Joshi, Shriram Lagu & many more were regular visitors & the family has some of the fondest memories of interacting with them. Mr. Ramesh Patankar Mrs. Soniya Patankar

Khauwale Patankar was taken to new heights by Mr. Ramesh Patankar, getting the 3 CEO & Founder Managing Director

Manufacturing, distribution under one roof along with the retail wing of Patankar Khauwale. Today, it is ably helmed by Mrs. Soniya Patankar, carrying on the work of this prolific business, taking it to foreign markets, across the globe.